FAG LASER.SHIM15X2,00 Bearing

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  • Belt tension measuring devices - LASER-TRUMMY2 - medias

    Scope of delivery: - FAG Top-Laser TRUMMY2 - 1 x measurement probe for direct connection (one-handed operation) - 1 x measurement probe with cable; 1m length - Case - Battery
  • Features Alignment LASER-SMARTY2 - medias - Schaeffler

    Belt pulley alignment device FAG Top-Laser SMARTY2; Belt tension measuring device FAG Top-Laser TRUMMY2; Shaft alignment device FAG Top-Laser INLINE2 Alignment of belt pulleys and chain sprockets reduces wear and energy losses in traction drives and the associated bearings and seals. Less heat is
  • FAG Top-Laser EQUILIGN

    The FAG Top-Laser EQUILIGN is an alignment system for coupled and decoupled shafts in motors, pumps, ventilators and gearboxes with rolling bearings. All the parts of the shaft alignment device are supplied packed in a case. A comprehensive range of accessories is available in order to expand the possible
  • FAG Alignment Tools Top-Laser: SMARTY2 · TRUMMY2 · INLINE2

    Tools for belt and chain drives. Belt pulley alignment device FAG Top-Laser SMARTY2. 4. Technical data. Laser emitter. Belt pulleys. ≥ 60 mm ø. Laser beam .. SHIM15X0,70. 55. 50. 15 0,70. 10. 155. LASER.SHIM15X1,00. 55. 50. 15 1,00. 10. 220. LASER.SHIM15X2,00. 55. 50. 15 2,00. 10. 440. LASER.SHIM23X0,05. 75.
  • FAG Alignment Tools - Farrell Bearings

    FAG Alignment Tools. Top-Laser: SMARTY2. TRUMMY2. EQUILIGN. SHIM mounting, lubrication, condition monitoring and rolling bearing reconditioning but .. Cable for PC. Bracket. Chain, 300 mm long. Post,115 mm long. Tape measure. Case. Figure 8. Scope of delivery. FAG Top-Laser EQUILIGN. 00. 019C8D. 00.