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    GREASE.10KG FAG rolling bearing grease Arcanol MULTITOP (5 kg bucket) FAG rolling bearing grease Arcanol MULTI2 (10 kg bucket) FAG rolling bearing grease Arcanol MULTI3 (25 kg hobbock) FAG rolling bearing grease Arcanol LOAD220 (180 kg cask) FAG rolling bearing grease Arcanol LOAD400 (400 g cartridge)
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    FAG Kugelfischer Georg Schäfer AG. Industrial Bearings and Services. ARCANOL. GRASAS PROBADAS PARA RODAMIENTOS. Para una larga vida del .. Grasa. Designación 70 g. 250 g. 400 g. 1 kg. 5 kg. 10 kg. 25 kg. 180 kg arcanol antigua tubo tubo cartucho bote cubo cubo barril bidón. MULTITOP. L135V.
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    The Arcanol range includes 15 rolling-bearing greases, each graduated to cover all application areas. For example, MULTITOP is a universal grease for ball and rolling bearings that is suitable for use in construction machinery, automotive engineering, rolling mills and grinding machine spindles; VIB3 is a mineral-based
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    «Arcanol». Программа FAG для смазок классифицирована таким образом, чтобы оптимально соответствовать почти всем. Продукция · Смазки. Смазочные средства Смазка FAG Arcanol MULTITOP в 5-килограммовых ведрах. ARCANOL-MULTI2-20G ARCANOL-LOAD220-180KG. Смазка FAG Arcanol
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    rolling bearings. However, before a new grease can be included in the Arcanol range, it is subjected to a series of tests in the Schaeffler lubricant laboratory. . o suitable. Available containers: 250 g tube. 400 g cartridge. 1 kg can. 5 kg bucket. 10 kg bucket. 25 kg hobbock. 180 kg drum. Universal grease MULTITOP. 4
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    FAG Rolling Bearing Grease Arcanol MULTITOP. Properties, applications: Bearing grease for high loads, low and high speeds, low and high temperatures, low noise, low friction. Marking: KP2N-40. Colour: brown. Temperature range: -40 to 150. Specifications: Thickener: lithium soap. Type of base oil: mineral + ester oil.
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    FAG · 1. A GREASE HAS A LONG WAY TO GO BEFORE IT MAY CALL ITSELF. ARCANOL. Special rolling bearing greases like. Arcanol at first glance cost a little FAG · 2. SELECTION TABLE. Arcanol. MULTITOP MULTI2. MULTI3. LOAD220. LOAD400. LOAD1000. DIN 51825. KP2N-40. K2N-30. K3N-30. KP2N-20.
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    Rolling bearing greases ARCANOL-MULTITOP. Multi-purpose greases for demanding applications, wide temperature range. Rolling bearing greases ARCANOL-MULTITOP, Multi-purpose greases for demanding applications, wide. ARCANOL-MULTITOP-250G Send to shopping basket ARCANOL-MULTITOP-400G
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    ARCANOL-MULTITOP. Rolling bearing greases ARCANOL-MULTITOP. Universal greases for ball and roller bearings. FAG rolling bearing greases Arcanol MULTITOP | data sheet
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    Arcanol greases have for decades been a guarantee of the highest performance capability in .. MULTITOP. □ Ball and roller bearings in rolling mills. □ Construction machinery. □ Spinning and grinding spindles. □ Automotive engineering. –501). +140. +80 . with ASTM D 1831 and a test run on the FAG AN42 test rig.